Casino Jobs Around The World

Over the past few years some of my friends and colleagues have traveled to interesting places with their casino jobs. When people I know travel, I get the wanderlust and dream about working in interesting places. Just recently things have happened to makes me think I am lucky to be right here safe in SA.

A couple of colleagues have casino jobs in Chilli. Only a few weeks into the launch of the newly opened casino, there was a serious earthquake, remember? I was so glad I was safe in SA. What a trauma for those affected, though I am happy to say my friends are still safe.

Next I hear a new casino is opening in St Lucia, the beautiful island in the Bahamas. An old friend is a Director; he is looking to fill vacant casino jobs. Colleagues of mine from South Africa apply and get the positions. Fantastic for them, again I dream of what it might be like to live and work in the Bahamas. What happens soon after the casino is opened? A hurricane of mammoth proportions hits the island! It was bad, a friend of a friend was trapped in car and died in the floods.

I am so happy that my casino job bought me to South Africa where I live inland away from earthquake fault lines, tsunamis and hurricanes.

Sandy De Leo