Table Inspector / Supervisor training

This is a unit standard based learning programme at level 4 on the NQF. The duration of the programme is 5 days. The programme is aligned to the unit standards
246753: Maintain productivity in the table�s area,
246757: Recognise and report staffs cheat moves,
246745: Supervise tables games,
246746: Resolve a gaming dispute
The programme is suitable for new and current table inspectors /supervisors. The exit level learning outcomes are;
Observe, monitor and intervene when necessary in relation to game control.
Verify payouts.
�    Manage float levels to meet business demands.
�    Locate and deal with financial variances.
Identify and describe potential areas for individual staff cheating.
�    Identify and describe potential areas for staff and customers to cheat as a team.  Describe ways of combating cheat moves.
�    Follow appropriate procedures when dealing with and reporting cheat moves.
Demonstrate an understanding of internal and external legislation impacting on dealing supervision.
�    Perform administrative duties pertaining to individual tables.
�    Demonstrate table awareness.
�    Deal effectively with subordinates.
�    Deal effectively with senior staff.
�    Identify and explore the parameters and legal implications of a gaming related dispute.
�    Liaise with the affected casino department, section or division.
�    Negotiate between parties involved in the gaming dispute.
�    Achieve resolution of the gaming dispute.