This is a unit standard based learning programme at level 3 on the NQF. The programme is aligned to unit standards 258062 - Recognise and report customer cheat moves and US: 258043 - Comply with security procedures for dealers.
The duration of this programme is 3 days. The programme is suitable for new and current staff who work in the tables department and the surveillance department. The exit level outcomes are;
�    Implement company security procedures for dealers and explain the importance of these procedures at all times.
�    Implement Gaming Board security procedures for dealers.
�    Describe the role of the surveillance department in assisting with security issues.
�    Exercise discretion with minimum disruption in all security dealings with customers
�    Recognise potential situations for cheat moves.
�    Describe the importance of identifying cheat moves and the impact of cheating on the organization.
�    Identify and prevent cheat moves.