This unique training programme is practical and exciting and available to the public. Learning takes place in a simulated casino environment with access to authentic gaming tables and equipment. Although it is a training school, it is as close to the actual job as we can make it.

Casino Dealer skills programme is accredited by CATHSSETA that is the sector education and training authority for tourism, hospitality and entertainment. The content of the programme is aligned to the following unit standards;

US: 258057 - Deal American Roulette
US: 258059 - Deal Blackjack
US: 258044 - Deal Poker
US: 258045 - Handle Casino chips
US: 258041 - Manage the float in a gaming environment.
US: 258062 - Recognise and report customer cheat moves
US: 258056 - Understand compliance in a casino environment.
US: 258043 - Comply with security procedures for dealers
US: 113904 - Money laundering legislation in South Africa
US: 258071 - Problem and pathological gambling in the workplace.
US: 246740 - Care for Customers

This programme is suitable for new learners. We also offer RPL assessment for experienced staff and the opportunity to gain a National Certificate.

If you are interested in training to be a Croupier and getting a job in South Africa there are a few things you need to consider.

o    Entry to employment requires a minimum education level of Grade 12.
o    All employees must qualify for a gaming licence; this means persons with a criminal record may be      disqualified from this profession.
o    The most suitable age based on employee preference is 18-30
o    Good health and physical fitness is required to cope with the demanding shift work.
o    At present the Casinos Offer gambling in a smoking environment and employees must be willing and able to work in a smoking area.
o    To gain entry to this learning programme applicants are required to attend a pre-training assessment to assess the suitability of each applicant.

If you have decided this is the job for you contact us by email or by phone.